978-1-4964-0574-6I picked up The One Year Book of Healing, by Dr. Reggie Anderson, as an Advanced Review Copy from Tyndale.  I was excited to open it, but disappointed by what I found within.  This is set up as far too many devotionals are set up – by focusing on nice ideas or inspirational stories, which are vaguely related to a single, often out of context, Bible verse.  It starts with a verse, rarely more than two lines long on the page, followed by a story and a daily prescription that says something like “Even in our darkest hours, our heavenly Father shines his light to show us the way to the fulfillment of his promises” (230).  It’s a great sentiment – and of course, true – but realistically, unhelpful.  Show me how this connects to scripture!  Bring the Word to me, not a story loosely based on an out of context verse!

It may be that I am being too picky, but as a pastor, I have an honest concern that we have either lost, or more likely never developed, the tools needed to read scripture – and the devotional resources that we use are often of little help.  This one, unfortunately, is no exception.



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