One of the most fun things that I occasionally have the opportunity to do is review Bibles.  There are some that I love and have recommended to many people.  Others don’t fare as well.  I have mixed feelings about the one I am reviewing today – but much of that has to do with my “location,” so to speak, and not with the Bible itself.

Louie Giglio and Passion Publishing put out a Bible this year called “The Jesus Bible,” and I received a copy of the NIV Edition.  I will say, my first impression was excellent.  The pages are thicker than most Bibles, with ample room for notes, and the appearance is very attractive (especially to a younger crowd).

My hesitation arrives when it comes to the notes, which take a more reformed/Calvinist slant than I would prefer.  I am not anti-reformed or Anti-Calvin, but I am a Wesleyan, and my framework for interpreting scripture and perceiving the Church often leaves me feeling disconnected from the notes.  Fortunately, I have reformed friends who will love to benefit from a new Bible!

If you’re looking for a new Bible, this might be a good option for you – just keep your “location” on the map of Christian traditions in mind before investing.

I received an ARC of this Bible.



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