One of the best things you can do for your child is to ignite a curiosity about scripture.  When your daughter or son develops an interest in knowing more about the stories they learn in Sunday School, equipping them to explore scripture and find answers for themselves can create a hunger for deeper understanding, further obedience, and a closer walk with God.  This week I discovered a great resource that I am excited to offer my son – Zondervan’s NIV Investigator’s Bible.

With this Bible, your children become detectives and scientists, exploring key passages, and picking up clues for understanding deeper meanings of scripture.  This Bible is filled with facts, descriptions, and insights that will appeal to young readers.  The Bible utilizes kid-friendly language (though to be fair, a translation with a lower reading level might have been preferred – NIV is at about an 8th grade reading level) and a detective theme to engage the interest and curiosity of your kids.

Looking through it, I was impressed by the quality and quantity of notes, clues, and descriptions.  At the beginning of each book there is a description of what lies ahead, and by the end of the book, kids are invited to wrap up the clues they discovered along the way, and draw conclusions about what God might be teaching them, setting your children up to make faith and Bible knowledge breakthroughs.

This is a Bible I would recommend to any parent who has a young explorer with an adventurous mind.

I received this as an ARC.



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