It’s difficult to describe the overall feeling I have about this book.  I was extremely excited to see a new book from an author who I have really enjoyed.  McKnight’s “King Jesus Gospel” was inspired, compelling, and wonderful.  I have found McKnight to be reliable and insightful at every turn – at least, until now.

The subject of the book had me immediately hooked – in large part, because of the author.  I naturally shy away from this kind of subject, but I thought “If McKnight can make a compelling case, I might have to rethink things!”  Instead, he uses statistics about people who believe in angels to describe why people should believe in angels.  He cites authors of questionable books.  The whole thing was generally a mess.  It’s the kind of book that you read and, if it matches beliefs you already held, you might love.  On the other hand, if you’re suspicious, doubtful, or even questioning, you will come away having gained very little, and wishing you had invested your time in a different book.

My advice:  Skip it.  There are better books out there.

I received this as an ARC.

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