If you are in ministry, you probably have at least a casual familiarity with the Logos Bible company, which was recently rebranded as Faithlife.  As a long-time Logos user, I was intrigued by the development and release of the Faithlife Study Bible.

If you’ve used Logos, you’ll probably find some familiar things in the Bible.  Some of the graphics are recycled from Logos software, and the notes are found in Logos software’s own Faithlife Study Bible notes.

It’s a rather comprehensive study Bible, and for the most part, it lacks the neo-Calvinistic influence that you’ll occasionally find in Logos products.  While there are certainly better study Bibles out there (I am a huge fan of the new Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible), this provides good notes, interesting illustrations, and worthwhile insight.  I would recommend it as another great study Bible option.

I received this Bible free from the publisher.



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