Who is Nick Highland?  I am a child of the King. I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a theology geek, a lover of the outdoors, an avid reader, and a loyal friend. I am naturally introverted, even though I work hard to overcome the limitations that accompany being an introvert. I care very deeply for people, even though I have a difficult time expressing it at times. I am a person, with all the imperfections and flaws that accompany person-hood.

And I am a pastor.

And I am all of those things in more or less that order. Before I am ever a pastor, I am a person. Just like anyone else, along with the joys,  successes, and adventures, my life is complex, messy, and I am flawed.

Before I am a pastor, I am someone who God is perfecting – which is wonderful news to me, because I am aware of just how much I need His sanctifying grace. I am being remade according to His Image. I am in Christ, and Christ is in me.

What’s the deal with the website?
I have to admit – registering “nickhighland.com” doesn’t really feel like “me” to me.  It feels cheap and self-promoting.  But I have wanted a space where I can document thoughts and growth, explore theological perspectives, and respond to my devotional readings from the Daily Office.

So if you’ve come across this site, what you’re seeing isn’t an effort at self-promotion or internet glory.  This website is for me more than it is for you.  (But don’t worry – you’re welcome here too.  Help yourself to anything you might find in the refrigerator).