I have to admit – I was a bit nervous about picking up a children’s book by Matthew Paul Turner.  I associate MPT with deep cynicism and, at times, unkind words.  But I was pleasantly surprised with this children’s book.  With clever rhymes and an uplifting message, this book isContinue Reading

If you are in ministry, you probably have at least a casual familiarity with the Logos Bible company, which was recently rebranded as Faithlife.  As a long-time Logos user, I was intrigued by the development and release of the Faithlife Study Bible. If you’ve used Logos, you’ll probably find some familiarContinue Reading

Brennan Manning is a bit of a controversial author.  A former Catholic priest, Manning’s alcoholism ultimately led to his death.  He was a well-studied man with a deeply rooted understanding of the love and grace of God, but also a man who was plagued by (and never fully delivered from)Continue Reading

It’s difficult to describe the overall feeling I have about this book.  I was extremely excited to see a new book from an author who I have really enjoyed.  McKnight’s “King Jesus Gospel” was inspired, compelling, and wonderful.  I have found McKnight to be reliable and insightful at every turnContinue Reading

One of the best things you can do for your child is to ignite a curiosity about scripture.  When your daughter or son develops an interest in knowing more about the stories they learn in Sunday School, equipping them to explore scripture and find answers for themselves can create a hungerContinue Reading

If there was ever a title to grab a person’s attention, it’s “The Way of the Dragon, or the Way of the Lamb.”  Without a doubt, the book is timely, at times provocative, and kingdom-focused.  The authors speak confessionally, pointedly, and at times directly to the heart of pastors inContinue Reading

One of the most fun things that I occasionally have the opportunity to do is review Bibles.  There are some that I love and have recommended to many people.  Others don’t fare as well.  I have mixed feelings about the one I am reviewing today – but much of thatContinue Reading

In recent weeks, I have felt a desire to change my Bible study habits to include personal reflections.  One of the challenges of reading scripture for a pastor is that we’re constantly thinking about how the passage will preach, as well as things like historical and cultural context, theological perspectives,Continue Reading

I have written reviews of devotionals in the past – and one of my frequent criticisms is that they often take one or two verses, often out of context, and write a lengthy, often fluffy devotional rather than actually wrestling with the message and story of scripture.  The Story Devotional, whileContinue Reading

I picked up The One Year Book of Healing, by Dr. Reggie Anderson, as an Advanced Review Copy from Tyndale.  I was excited to open it, but disappointed by what I found within.  This is set up as far too many devotionals are set up – by focusing on niceContinue Reading

Depending on what you’re expecting, you’ll love it or hate it. If you purchase it with the intention of teaching your child to read, you’ll be disappointed.  On the other hand, if you purchase it with the intention of an interactive Bible experience, in which the child is able toContinue Reading

I am now reading the same Bible to my kids that my parents read to me.  What a joy!  By now, the Beginner’s Bible is a classic.  We recognize the words, the illustrations, and if you’ve read it before – the eyes! (You know what I mean!  Those eyeballs areContinue Reading

Lisa Sharon Harper’s “The Very Good Gospel” is witty, humorous, and on point.  Harper makes a case for the Kingdom of God, arguing for the restoration to the created order rather than a vision of a disembodied heaven.  The good news isn’t for someday.  It isn’t for “after death.”  TheContinue Reading

Thomas Nelson publishers recently released their new NKJV Word Study Bible.  I was presented with an early copy in exchange for this review. First, the positives:  The binding is good, the cover is attractive, and it’s scripture.  Unfortunately, that about sums it up. My first thought, as I flipped throughContinue Reading