Philosophy of Ministry

A Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation
The Lord said to Moses and Israel, “You will be for me a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation” (Exodus 19:6).  The priest functions as a mediator; as a person who stands in the middle, between God and the people.  The priest says to the people, “this is God, and this is what it means to be His people.”  God’s call to Israel was to mediate His divine presence to the world.

Israel was no typical nation, either.  This instruction was given in the wilderness, before there were borders, kings, or any of the things that we typically associate with nationhood.  The nation that God called the people to be is a collective body of worshippers.  To be “Holy” is to be set apart; separated from the brokenness of the world, and devoted entirely to God.

So the call to be a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation is a call to be a community and a people who exist for a higher purpose, to mediate the presence of God in a world that does not yet know that He is our King.

The Kingdom of God is the one subject that Jesus spoke about more than anything else.  It is a right-side up presence which ministers to an upside-down world.  It is the Kingdom of God that we proclaim when we say in faith, “Jesus is Lord.”  Jesus is King!

The Christian community is a discipled community.  We aim not just to know more about God, but to experience the redeeming love and presence of the living God.  Discipleship is not merely about possessing more information, it is about the thrill and joy of experiencing transformation!

The Christian disciplines of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, fasting, hospitality, solitude, Sabbath, etc., are the formational practices of a healthy church.  The word Discipleship often carries unfortunate baggage, as people tend to think of it in rather bleak and unsatisfying ways.  On the contrary, there is joy and excitement in being a disciple of Jesus!  It is genuinely thrilling to grow in Christ!

The Gathered Body
The community of faith is a safe people who create a safe space in an often unsafe world.  We gather as a worshipping community in Christian love, lifting one another up before Christ and creating a safe environment which fosters spiritual growth.  We minister to one another in times of sickness, sorrow, and loss, pointing to the reality that we have come to know in Christ: that life is ultimately victorious over death.

I am a parish-minded pastor.  The church, at its very best, is investing in and serving the immediate community that surrounds it.  I believe that longevity and stability lend themselves to long-term and invested community ministry.  It is vitally important that the church invests themselves in the community that surrounds it, partnering with Christ to bring His redeeming love to the sin-ravaged places and broken lives that are all around us.